Children’s Sunday School

Fall 2021 Sunday School begins September 12th

This fall, Sunday School will vary between both in-person (outdoor) and online (Zoom) formats. We are looking forward to connecting with God and each other while still keeping everyone safe and responding to current conditions.  As conditions change, we will keep everyone updated.  Should we be able to move to a weekly in-person option at some point, we will still maintain a Zoom format for those families who need or prefer it.

About Sunday School this Fall

  • Children’s Sunday School will be from 10:15 to 10:45 am.
  • Sunday School will have two formats :
    • Outdoor, in-person Sing and Play days as a multi-age group. We aim to have these at least once per month.
    • A Zoom format, typically in classrooms according to age groups.
  • Please be present to provide your child the support needed for participation.
    • Online: Some kids will need a parent present the whole time, some can participate well on their own. You know your child’s needs. 
    • In person:Please plan to stay with your child or nearby as we get used to this new format.
  • Children with Special Needs are warmly welcomed in our Sunday School classes. Please speak to Deacon Mary about how we can create the best possible experience for your child.

How Do We Participate in Sunday School?

  • Advance registration is required for all children even if they have been enrolled before, so please complete the enrollment form.
  • Stay informed about all activities and changes by joining the Children & Family Ministries’ Email List.  Click HERE to join.

Common Questions about Sunday School

Q. If I’m new or visiting, do I have to register our children to attend Sunday School?
A. Visitors and new participants are always welcome and your child can join a class any time during the school year. However, registration is required. For the 20-21 school year, advance registration is required whether you are participating online or in person. You can fill out the registration form (above) any time, and we will be happy to see you in class the following Sunday. Registrations on Sunday mornings will be honored for the following Sunday. This allows us to maintain safe online classrooms; thank you for understanding.

Q. What if my child has special needs?

A. Children with special needs are warmly welcomed in our Sunday School classes. Please speak to Deacon Mary about how we can create the best possible experience for your child. Also check out our Rejoicing Spirits service – it’s an spirit-filled, special worship experience designed for special needs children and their families!

Q. What should I do while my child is in Sunday School?
A. Parents are welcome but not required to help in Sunday School classrooms (see more on volunteering below). You are welcome to attend an adult Sunday School class, Redeemer Choir practice, or the 9:45 Jazz worship service.

Q. When is Sunday School?
A. 9:30-10:30 am on Sunday mornings. Classes will stay in session until the 9:45 service ends to allow parents attending it to fully participate. Please pick up your child from the classroom no later than 10:45. Sunday School begins the Sunday after Labor Day and continues, with some breaks, until May. See the current year’s Sunday School Calendar for more details.

Q. What is the sign-in process for Sunday School? 
A. Traditionally, students 2nd grade and under were signed in and out by a parent at the door of their classroom. Students in 3rd – 5th grade were allowed to come and go on their own. However, when in-person Sunday School resumes for the 20-21 school year, sign-in for all classes will be required. Accompany your child to the classroom to sign in and return at the end of class to sign out. This will help us ensure health and safety and facilitate contact tracing if necessary.

Q. Who are the adults in my child’s classroom?
A. Good question! We’re glad you asked. All our teachers are established members of the congregation who have been background checked and have undergone training according to our Child Protection Policy. They have also been trained on the curriculum, classroom management, health and safety, and emergency procedures. They are parents, grandparents, teachers, and people who simply take seriously the promises made by the faith community to every child at baptism to raise them in the faith. There are two adults scheduled for each classroom each week- a lead teacher and an assistant.

Q. I have more questions, who can help me?
A. Deacon Mary Houck, our Children and Family Ministries Director, is happy to answer more questions and get to know you and your family as you decide whether Redeemer is the right place for your family or as you start participating in Sunday School for the first time.

Helping out

Our Sunday School teachers and assistants are volunteers who give their time and energy because they love kids and are devoted to helping them grow in faith. While parents of participants are not required to help in our classrooms, you are welcome to do so! New volunteers usually start as teacher assistants, meaning someone else plans and leads the class and you get to just show up, help as needed, and have fun with the kids!

Both teachers and assistants rotate in our classrooms, and our basic expectation is that they serve one Sunday per month (many volunteer for more than one per month, but that is optional). We also have some that wish to serve occasionally and act as substitutes- also an essential role! Once you volunteer you will be supported by the Sunday School leadership staff and the teacher/assistant team for your grade level.

Our volunteer training and approval process includes the following steps:

  • Background check
  • Child Protection Training
  • Teacher/Assistant Training
  • Discussion with our Sunday School leadership staff about what role, age group, and schedule work best for you.

If you or someone you know has a gift for teaching kids about God’s word and God’s love, please prayerfully consider sharing that gift with the Sunday School program.

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