Létourneau Pipe Organ

The Létourneau Pipe Organ

Redeemer's Musical Heart

In December 2002, Redeemer dedicated a new pipe organ built by Orgues Létourneau, a firm based in Saint-Hyacinthe, Quebec, Canada. The instrument, the firm’s Opus 80, has three manuals, 59 stops, and 73 ranks, with a total of 4119 pipes.

Redeemer’s pipe organ has some distinct characteristics. Because the music of our Lutheran heritage important to Redeemer, two of the manual divisions are essentially a “Bach organ,” with German nomenclature for the stops and 16’ principal choruses that provide clarity in contrapuntal writing of Bach and other great Baroque composers.

The third manual is French in name and sound, providing the color and warmth that is necessary to successfully play the music Franck, Widor, and others. The Hauptwerk, or antiphonal division, provides additional support for congregational singing, as it is ideally located on the center axis of the room. All divisions of the organ are designed to function independently as well as blend together.




Prinzipal16'61 pipes
Hohlflöte 16'61 pipes
Prinzipal8'61 pipes
Salizional8'61 pipes
Rohrflöte8'61 pipes
Oktav4'61 pipes
Spitzflöte4'61 pipes
Quinte2-2/3'61 pipes
Super Oktav2'61 pipes
Mixtur IV-VI1-1/3'328 pipes
Kornett V8'245 pipes
Trompete8'66 pipes
Klarine4'78 pipes
Trompeta Real8'66 pipes


(Chancel, expressive)

Prinzipal8'61 pipes
Gedackt8'61 pipes
Oktav4'61 pipes
Koppelflöte4'61 pipes
Nazat2-2/3'61 pipes
Super Oktav2'61 pipes
Flachflöte2'61 pipes
Terz1-3/5'61 pipes
Quintflöte1-1/3'61 pipes
Mixtur IV1'328 pipes
Fagott16'244 pipes
Krummhorn8'61 pipes
Trompeta Real8'- -


(Chancel, expressive)

Bourdon16'61 pipes
Montre 8'61 pipes
Flûte harmonique8'61 pipes
Viole de gambe8'61 pipes
Voix céleste8'54 pipes
Prestant4'61 pipes
Flûte octaviante4'61 pipes
Octavin2'61 pipes
Plein-jeu IV2'244 pipes
BobardeMixtur IV-VI16'61 pipes
Trompette8'66 pipes
Hautbois8'61 pipes
Voix humaine8'61 pipes
Clarion4'78 pipes
Trompeta Real8'


Zimelstern (variable speed)
Chimes (rebuilt)



Bourdon16'61 pipes
Prinzipal8'61 pipes
Oktav4'61 pipes
Super Oktav2'61 pipes
Mixtur IV1-1/3'244 pipes
Trompeta Real8'- -



Untersatz (electronic)32'32 notes
Prinzipal16'32 pipes
Subbass16'32 pipes
BordunViole de gambe16'HW West
Oktav8'32 pipes
Pommer8'32 pipes
Choralbass4'32 pipes
Rauschquint III2-2/3'96 pipes
Kontraposaune32'12 pipes
Posaune16'32 pipes
Trompete8'32 pipes
Trompeta Real8'
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