Wellness & Mental Health

Register for this special seminar led by Pastor Dorthea from the German Church.


Lutheran Church of the Redeemer cares about the well-being of our congregation. Karen Medford, our Faith Community Nurse, leads a program that supports physical, mental and spiritual well-being. If you have questions about the Wellness Ministry, contact Karen Medford at kmedford@redeemer.org.

The Wellness Ministry Team sponsors blood pressure checks, fitness activities, guest speakers, as well as advocacy and awareness events.

Five adults are dressed in athletic clothing and are ready to walk in the annual Hunger Walk.

Mission & Vision for Faith Community Nursing:

  • Promoting wellness among all ages of the healthy in the congregation by providing programming for physical, spiritual, and emotional health.
  • Facilitate member care by helping the pastors and members to know the needs of members and to create and support systems that provide member care.

What is the role of the Faith Community Nurse?

  • Health Counselor: Discusses individual needs such as illness and medication, prevention and wellness, and provides reassurance during times of crisis.
  • Educator: Functions as a wellness educator, promoting the relationship between faith, health attitudes and lifestyle choices through classes, videos and written material.
  • Advocate: Identifies and assists members of the Congregation who need support for decision-making regarding health care issues.
  • Liaison: Acts as a liaison with community resources for parishioners and others experiencing alteration in health.
  • Trainer/Facilitator: Recruits and facilitates the preparation of those wishing to utilize their spiritual gifts and skills in the health ministry of this faith community.
  • Health Referral Agent: Makes referrals to appropriate health care providers and/or community resources as needed.

Mental Health

At Redeemer, we believe that taking care of our mental health is as important as addressing our physical health. We work to remove the stigma that prevents too many people from seeking the mental health treatment they need.  The Wellness Ministry Team focuses on awareness and prevention.

Teens in Georgia can chat or text with a trained professional via the free downloadable MyGCAL app.

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