Walk the Santa Rosa Labryinth

A path of prayer

What is a labryinth?

A labyrinth is a contemplative, spiritual tool.  Some think of it as a walking meditation or a path of prayer.

At first glance, a labyrinth resembles a maze, but it is different. A labyrinth has only one opening that serves as both entry and exit.  It consists of a single meandering, yet purposeful path. You follow the path to the center and then retrace your steps to walk back out. Unlike a maze which offers choices and false leads along the way, you cannot get lost on a labyrinth.

Labyrinths have been found all over the world dating from the earliest antiquity. They come in many types and designs. They can be built into gardens, made of concrete, drawn in sand, or painted on canvas. They even come in a handheld variety that can be traced with a finger or stylus. Some follow ancient patterns. Others are more modern. New designs are still being created.

Redeemer has a canvas Santa Rosa Labyrinth which is placed in Rudisill Hall periodically throughout the year. The labyrinth may be borrowed for retreats upon approval by the Congregational Care Ministry Team.


Guidelines for Walking the Labryinth.


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