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Lutheran Church of the Redeemer

Senior Pastor Call Committee

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Please feel free to contact the Call Committee with any questions or comments at SeniorPastorCallCommittee@gmail.com.

Dear Congregation:

The six members of the Senior Pastor Call Committee were chosen by ecclesiastical 
ballot by the Congregation Council in early December and were installed at the 11:00 worship on Sunday, December 20, 2015. The Call Committee will be chaired by me, Lew Engle, and the five other members are Diane Currence, Bob Gibeling, Mary Howle, Derek Peterson, and Cassie Smith.

In late June, the Synod gave the Call Committee the names of four pastors for its consideration. Over the course of the summer, we interviewed each of the four pastors. After lengthy interviews and listening to sermons, the Call Committee concluded that none of these pastors would be a good fit for Redeemer. In the meantime, the Call Committee was conducting research of its own based upon names the congregation had provided to the Committee as well as targeted searches based upon current congregation size and pastoral experience. Through that process, the Call Committee identified 5 more potential candidates and submitted them to the synod. Only one pastor agreed participate in the call process.
The Call Committee interviewed this pastor on two occasions, spending many hours with her. We each traveled to her church to see her lead worship and preach. The Call Committee was looking forward to recommending her to the Congregation Council as its “Primary Candidate.” Unfortunately, the pastor prayerfully discerned that she was still called to serve her current congregation.
The Call Committee remains hard at work to find our next Senior Pastor. If you have shared the name of a prospective pastor, please know that we have given him or her full consideration. Either the pastor was not interested in being considered, or we did not believe he/she was the right candidate. We welcome all candidate suggestions.
12/15/16 Update
Christmas came early for the Senior Pastor Call Committee. On Wednesday we were presented with four available, interested, and capable candidates who surfaced through the committee’s efforts and the Synod’s. The process to investigate, schedule interviews and evaluate them has already begun. We are excited with the prospects. Please continue to be patient and pray for our efforts.
Please also continue to pray that the Holy Spirit will reveal the pastor best called to lead Redeemer.
2/23/2017 Update
We have discovered an incredibly well-qualified candidate who fits the needs of Redeemer and is prepared to lead us and challenge us into the future. He is excited to have the opportunity to lead a large church in an urban setting, and his wife, who works in the field of affordable housing, is pleased with the opportunity to be in Atlanta and to join us.  The pastor has accepted our request to be our primary candidate.  The next step is an interview with the Congregation Council and their vote to recommend approval.  After their vote, it goes to the full congregation for a vote to extend a call.  We wish that we could share more information about our terrific candidate now, but confidentiality remains important as his current church cannot be told until he is offered a call by Redeemer.  Of course, we will share more information at the time of the congregational vote.  We appreciate your continued patience as the next steps take place.
Lew Engle
Chair, Senior Pastor Call Committee

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