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Lutheran Church of the Redeemer


Lutherans, who insist on “faith alone,” resonate nevertheless with the description of our inward spiritual pursuit that was the signature phrase of St. Anselm of the 11th century:  “faith seeking understanding.”  Faith does not preclude nor replace learning and understanding; indeed, God created us in God’s own image with the ability and the charge to reason and to deliberate morally.  When we’re baptized, we promise to grow in our understanding according to our age and ability.  Our faith seeks to know and to discover, yet believes when our feeble minds cannot grasp the ways of God.

We read the Scriptures for spiritual enlightenment, but we study them so as best to understand 1)Who wrote this?  2)When?  3)To whom?  4)In what situation?  5)Trying to evoke what in them?  Understanding these things helps us to ask then how our situation might be similar and therefore what God might be trying to say to and evoke in us.  We study together to support and to learn from one another in our Christian walk.  Faith doesn’t mean we have no questions; in fact, faith is born and exists within and beneath and through the deep questions!  This side of the fullness of the kingdom, faith will always be primary, but our faith will always seek understanding.

Adult Learning

Weekly Bible Studies on Wednesdays and Sundays are essential but by no means the only opportunity for adult learning at Redeemer.  A topical Sunday School class, small relational groups, Women’s groups, Dads’ groups, and special interest classes from financial management to parenting are offered year-round.  Inquirers’ Classes taught regularly by our pastors introduce seekers and new members to the Lutheran Faith and to Redeemer in particular.  Numerous guest speakers throughout the year help us to explore different aspects of the Christian Faith.  We’re always open to new opportunities for adult learning as well!

Sunday School for Adults

The Seekers– Reception Room
Join The Seekers class as David Ott, Paul Hermann, Richard Botters lead Sundays
Study the book of Galatians.

The Ark– Room 119
Leader: Ed Kuehn
Living with the Parables. What are parables? Why did Jesus use them? How can we use them, even though they seem strange? We’ll read and discuss new parables each Sunday. Join us any time.

Middle School Parents– Rudisill Hall
Leader: Kristin Guthrie
Middle School parents meet in Rudisill Hall.  This is a class for parents to meet and discuss what children are learning in Confirmation class and the joys and challenges of being a parent.

G.I.F.T. Growing In Faith Together– Second floor (next to copy room)
Leader: Joe Lukas
The Called Life Lenten Study begins in March.

Young Adults
Questions? Contact Pastor Karen.  Follow Young Adults on Facebook for dates and details:


Wednesdays At Redeemer

General Schedule*
*Wednesdays at Redeemer programming is offered nearly every Wednesday until mid-May, with a short break for Christmas and New Year’s.  Please confirm with the Redeemer calendar for specific dates when the church is closed.

4:15  Early Bird Bible Study The program begins with a Bible Study for those who wish to avoid traffic, have the day free and for our retirees. David Ott leads this weekly study on various topics.  You can drop in anytime!
5:15 – 6:30 Dinner and Fellowship Let us do the cooking! If you wish to just come by for dinner and see friends we’d love to have you for dinner or for the entire evening! Cost: $6 for Adults, $5 for Seniors, and $3 for Children.  We post the menu to our Facebook page each Wednesday morning.
6:00 – 7:00  “Beyond Words” An interactive discussion focusing on books chosen by the leaders.  Check the Events calendar for information about the leader and book the group is currently studying.
6:10 – 7:00  “Words of Faith” Pastor Mary leads an interactive discussion on topics that include creation, sin, covenant, law and community, eschatology, atonement, and the church and the Holy Spirit.  Meet in Room 121.
7:00  Midweek Worship
Wednesday Night Worship takes place in the Sanctuary and communion is offered.  Please join us!

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