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Lutheran Church of the Redeemer

Engage at Redeemer

Redeemer seeks to be a supportive environment for people of all ages and family types. Learn about the many ways to get involved with a group created just for you!

Our works do not generate righteousness, rather our righteousness in Christ generates works. Martin Luther There is so much we will celebrate about the Reformation: a renewed emphasis on the Scriptures, a focus on the Gospel as God’s promise, and, as part of our Lenten Small Group study, uplifting the vocation of all Christians. As we move toward this “500th”commemoration, the Congregation Council and Ministry Team Chairs have chosen a theme; ”Engagement Challenge 2017” as their first priority! We invite you to accept the Engagement Challenge 2017 by committing to find five new ways* to live out your faith as part of God’s ongoing reformation of the church and our world. Within the next two weeks, we will offer a directory defining ministry opportunities to connect, serve (inside and outside) and give. We encourage you to review and use this directory as a way to explore “how Redeemer ministry works.” We welcome those ready to fully commit as well as those who may be a little curious! Hundreds of hands and thousands of hours are given each year to support our mission of touching lives inside and outside our walls. The continuing strength and relevancy of the church depends on the commitment, passion, and engagement of all members! How can you become more engaged in ministry at Redeemer, in our community, and in the world? Please accept the “5 for the 500th” ENGAGEMENT CHALLENGE 2017! Please check “yes” on the Commitment Card located in the pew rack and place it in the baskets provided as you exit the Sanctuary.
*This is not a permanent commitment to add 5 new things; rather a commitment to do something new five times!

Children & Family (birth-5th grade)

This ministry is to strengthen the children’s faith through fellowship, learning and play while being surrounded by a caring community. Children & family focuses on children birth through fifth grade.

Youth (6th-12th grade)

Youth & Family ministry at Redeemer exists to help families and the congregation fulfill their baptismal promises and create a missional environment that empowers young people to name the faith they profess, claim their power to make a difference, act in service towards others and celebrate the gifts that God has given them.



Campus Ministry

Lutheran Campus Ministry for Georgia Tech, Georgia State, Agnes Scott and Emory has grown considerably and has become a place of leadership development, fellowship, and Word and Sacrament ministry open to all stages of college, post college, and young adult ministry.

Campus ministry has become more than just grown up youth group, and Lutheran Campus Ministry in Atlanta has been on the forefront of that change. Life preparation, vocational discernment, and relational counseling are the specialty of the ministry.

All are welcome at the Grace House located on the campus of Georgia Tech. During the Fall and Spring semesters, the Grace House is buzzing with activity:



Weekly Bible Studies on Wednesdays (4:15 and 6-6:10 p.m., except in the summer) and Sundays (9:30 a.m.) are essential but by no means the only opportunity for adult learning at Redeemer. A typical Sunday School class, small relational groups, Women’s groups, Dads’ groups, and special interest classes from financial management to parenting are offered year-round. Inquirers Classes taught quarterly by our pastors introduce seekers and new members to the Lutheran Faith and to Redeemer in particular. Numerous guest speakers throughout the year help us to explore different aspects of the Christian Faith. We’re always open to new opportunities for adult learning as well!

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