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Weddings at Lutheran Church of the Redeemer

Wedding Inquiries:

Cathy Vogel
Wedding Director


Lutheran Church of the Redeemer shares your joy as you plan for your wedding day and your future life together. We believe that a wedding service in the Church must be understood as a service of worship. Thus, our policies are set forth in order that each wedding performed at Lutheran Church of the Redeemer be conducted in accordance with our theology and reflect the Church’s understanding of Christian marriage, home and family.

Our church pastors, staff and members of the Wedding Guild are ready to assist you in any way we can; we want to help make your wedding all you want it to be. Many of your questions can be answered below.

If you have any other questions or want more information, please contact our Wedding Director, Cathy Vogel. You may also request a copy of our wedding guide to be sent to you by filling out the form below.

It is our wish that this most important day be a joyful occasion for all and that your wedding commitment will be an enriching spiritual experience which will last a lifetime.


• Members of this congregation, their immediate families, and members of other Lutheran churches
• Persons preparing for membership in Lutheran Church of the Redeemer
• Non-Lutheran Christians who are being married by a Redeemer pastor

CAN MY PASTOR FROM ANOTHER CHURCH PARTICIPATE IN THE WEDDING SERVICE?The presiding pastor at Redeemer weddings must be an ordained Lutheran pastor, but pastors from other denominations are welcome to participate.

HOW TO RESERVE THE CHURCHThe Church Wedding Director, Cathy Vogel, keeps the Church Wedding Calendar and can advise you of available dates. We do not book more than twelve months in advance. No weddings are scheduled during Holy Week. For information on availability, contact her at (404) 373-7530 or lcrweddings@bellsouth.net. You must contact your choice of pastors before the date can be established on the calendar and premarital counseling can be scheduled. Your wedding packet contains a Reservation form. Your date cannot be confirmed on the Church Calendar until the office receives this form and your 50% non-refundable deposit. Your requested date may be held as tentative for two weeks to allow the return of the form and deposit.

WHAT ARE THE FEES ASSOCIATED WITH A WEDDING AT REDEEMER?Members of Lutheran Church of the Redeemer, through their regular Sunday offerings, support the total ministry of the Church. The facilities fee below includes the Wedding Director’s and Facilities Manager’s fees (for set-up and cleaning), candles, audio-recording, and four hours of security coverage in the parking lot. The organist’s fee and pastor’s honorarium are not included but must be paid four weeks prior to the wedding.

Pre-marriage counseling with a pastor is required as preparation for marriage at Redeemer. This usually totals about six hours with 3-6 sessions depending on the length of each session. Most of our pastors recommend an on-line assessment profile, Prepare/Enrich, before counseling begins. A one-time, nominal fee is charged to initiate this process. Non-members will be assessed an additional fee for counseling with a Redeemer pastor if creditable counseling has not be completed elsewhere.


Facilities fee for members (more than 9 months at time of wedding) $400.00
Facilities fee for members (less than 9 months at time of wedding) $700.00
Facilities fee for members of other Lutheran Churches $900.00
Facilities fee for use of Chapel $150.00
Additional fee for reception space (members only-based on availability) $200.00
Pastor’s Honorarium $250.00


Nave (seating 400) $2000.00
Chapel (seating 40) $500.00
Premarital Counseling $300.00
Pastor’s Honorarium $250.00

WHAT ABOUT MUSIC?Lutheran Church of the Redeemer is well known for its high musical standards and performance
excellence. Our Organist, Sarah Hawbecker, will be happy to assist you in making your musical
decisions. A schedule of fees for her services is listed below. Should you prefer not to use her
services, a $150 consultation fee will be assessed. No recorded music is permitted.


Wedding Service $275.00
Wedding Service and organ accompaniment for one vocalist and/or instrumentalist $325.00
Wedding Service and organ accompaniment for two vocalists and/or instrumentalists
(Each additional vocalist and/or instrumentalist is $50.00)
Consultation fee (if not using Redeemer’s organist) $150.00

Note: Fees for the vocalist or instrumentalist should be arranged with the individuals involved. Payments for guest vocalists or instrumentalists are customarily presented to the individuals at the time of the service. The above fees are for Redeemer’s organist only and a payable four weeks prior to the wedding date. You may pay the organist directly.

REQUEST A WEDDING GUIDE Would you like the wedding guide mailed to you? It includes reservation forms and a remittance schedule. Please fill out the form below.






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