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Lutheran Church of the Redeemer

5 for 500th

Our works do not generate righteousness, rather our righteousness in Christ generates works. ~Martin Luther

There is so much we will celebrate about the Reformation: a renewed emphasis on the Scriptures, a focus on the Gospel as God’s promise, and, as part of our Lenten Small Group study, uplifting the vocation of all Christians.

As we move toward the “500th”Commemoration, the Congregation Council, Redeemer Staff and Ministry Team Chairs have chosen our theme for 2017. We are asking everyone to find “5 ways” to engage more deeply in ministry… either one opportunity five times or by five different things over the next year! What do you want me to do today? Accept the challenge! Please turn in your Engagement Commitment Card (in the pew rack) and check “YES”! You will make your choices March 5.

How do I know where I can serve? On March 5, Engagement Commitment Sunday, we will gather in Sims Atrium, for a mini Rally Day. Redeemer staff, Council and ministry teams will be in there to answer questions and help you through the process. Some opportunities can be done quite simply, other take a few hours and others can be on-going. Here are a few ways you can make a difference; there are many more!

  • Attend a choir practice-even if you can’t sing!
  • Help prepare a meal for campus ministry
  • Try your hand at bell ringing!
  • Volunteer your handyman skills
  • Chaperone or attend a youth event
  • Attend classes on Sunday or Wednesdays at Redeemer
  • Plant flowers with the Redeemer Bloomers
  • Learn to quilt-there’s a job for everyone
  • Serve a meal in Lutheran Community Food Ministry
  • Assist in children’s Sunday school or children’s church
  • Volunteer as a lector, usher, greeter, teller, acolyte, crucifer, cantor
  • Walk the Labyrinth Help build a Habitat House
  • Sign up for a mission trip at home or abroad

These are just a few ideas! Check YES TODAY! Please place your card in the basket as you exit worship.

*This is not a permanent commitment to add 5 new things; rather a commitment to do something new five times!

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